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PUBLIC TV is a TV channel with original programming in each broadcasting spot providing to any subscribed TV-set anywhere in the world the opportunity to have its own content.

New modern format allows our channel to be the first international TV channel intended for broadcasting only in public places, such as hotels, cafes, restaurants, airports, clubs, boutiques, beauty salons, fitness clubs, etc.

Unlike thematic TV channels, PUBLIC TV has a greater variety of video clips which are not limited only to one topic. Top fashion shows, movie premieres and exclusive backstage videos, videos about traveling to the most interesting and fascinating places in the world, sport events, entertainment news and much more. Channel content includes original programming from all around the world which will be interesting to any kind of viewer.

As a rule, it may result difficult to watch TV with audio on in public places. For this reason video clips of PUBLIC TV are edited following a particular technology allowing to watch videos without audio, but at the same time to get the maximum of useful and interesting information. If desired, it is possible to turn on the audio: the technologies provide this possibility.

The concept of our TV channel is first-of-a-kind. Owner of any location will be able to compose the channel's content by himself based on preferences of his guests. Thus, the visitors will watch video clips which are really interesting for them – and this will make them feel more comfortable. Such new composition of TV content allows to create a unique TV product targeted specifically at each viewer.

PUBLIC TV is a real one-of-a-kind almanac where each video story is an exclusive author mini-film creating altogether a pleasant background and entertaining vision.

What benefits are there for the owner? - opportunity to influence contents and design of the TV channel; - opportunity to insert your own advertising to broadcast to your visitors; - broadcasting of breaking news ticker; - opportunity to insert your own information in order to bring it to the attention of your guests; - opportunity to inform your guests about any projects launched by your company.