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Programming Description:

Travel Section about traveling telling viewers about beautiful and extraordinary places on our planet. National peculiarities, traditions and customs, fascinating and interesting facts and much more. Each video is a separate guide to a specific country which will help viewers choose their next vacation spot.


All fashion trends on one screen. Fashion section is a real guide to the world of fashion. Top world fashion shows, season trends, fashion photographers, models and designers, fashion reviews.


This section includes the most interesting and updated stories about latest film releases, trailers, exclusive backstage videos, interviews with famous actors and latest news from the world of cinema.


This section lives at the same pace with the viewers. Here lifestyle is represented in its various aspects: unusual design, cars, interiors design, inspiring shots about beauty and style in every manifestation.


Section about modern art, photography, cinema, animation, architecture and design. Exhibitions from all over the world, bright festivals, fascinating and original artistic projects, creative events, art auctions, biennales. Event

Review of all important events, both of international as well as local importance, taking place around the world or in a specific city where our channel broadcasts. The Cannes festival, the Oscars, Dolce&Gabbana boutique opening party and many other events of international and local importance on the screen of Public TV in the Event section. Also you will be able to enjoy world premieres, parties, backstages and much more.


Entertaining news without politics in original format from all over the world. Queen Elisabeth opens a new parliament session in Great Britain, white tigers are born in Austria, the biggest telescope is build in Chili and many other interesting facts which will allow our viewers to be up-to-date on the latest news.


Sport events telling about different types of sport. Ping-pong, sailing, athletics, horse racing, curling, sport competitions of various kinds, cycling, extreme sports, thrilling videos from all around the world.